Main Line Marauders has a few rules you should read before commenting. I highly advise reading them, for if you step over the line, the mighty Banhammer will be swift and true in its aim.

1. No threatening others. Fans of other teams are welcome on this blog, as long as you keep it civil. This applies to you too, Philly fans. No fighting words or threats to other users, that’s a quick way to get banned.

2. No slurs. Racial, ethnic, homophobic, transphobic, none of it. If it’s directed at a group of people with the intent to marginalize or hurt, you’re banned.

3. No trolling. This is self-explanatory.

4. No spam. Again, self-explanatory and will be removed on sight.

The rules are all rather simple and to be expected for any institution. Swearing is fine, but let’s keep the cluster F-bombs to a minimum. This is not the ESPN comments section. I want the conversation to be friendly on here, so that anyone who feels welcome to comment is able to with no issues.


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