Track #4 – Bird On A Wire

RiFF RAFF is an enigma. Much like Lil B, I have no idea where the person ends and the stage presence begins. After really getting into his music though, I’m pretty sure that there is no stage persona for him, he’s just RiFF RAFF all the time. In any case, after being dismissed as a “joke” rapper for several years now, he decides to quit fucking around on this track and just absolutely lay down the verse of his life. Not even Action Bronson’s fabulous feature can outshine lines like “Poppin’ hood in Transco Towers,
prowlers prowling, Gucci towels and bathroom vials” or “Aston Martin, sparkin’ one in valet parking”. Not to mention Harry Fraud’s ridiculous beat, which he lets ride for a solid minute after the verses are over just so we can enjoy it more.