Track #2 – m.A.A.d. City

Without a doubt the best track Kendrick did all year, and it’s been critically overlooked by pretty much every music publication I subscribe to. The song starts out on a wobbly synth that wouldn’t be out of place in a club setting, and just when you get comfortable with where the song is going-


MC Eiht jumps in out of nowhere to trade verses with Kendrick as the beat slams into overdrive on some old-school Dr. Dre(-esque) shit, complete with strings and thundering percussion. Then the song disappears as Kendrick takes hold in the final verse, pitching his voice up and down to a chilling and ultimately satisfying result. By the end of it, as his voice gets uncomfortably, unreasonably high, the beat kicks back in with a huge whiny synth line before treading out. Not even counting the lyrics (which are awesome, especially the final verse), the music alone is enough to make this song top ten material.

Hit the powder then watch this flame that arrive in his eye…