On The Dearth of Sports

You may have noticed that I’ve utterly failed to keep up with anything resembling a schedule while writing for this blog. In addition to my writing being hampered by homework (and the copious amounts of drugs and alcohol I’ve been consuming), there’s also a complete lack of interesting things happening in Philly sports. The Eagles are 3-7, functionally without a quarterback, and literally not even worth wasting the effort to write about. The Flyers are a nonentity at this point in time, thanks a lot Gary Bettman, you smarmy little fuck. The Sixers are a notch above mediocre, and missing the one player that caused me to give a damn about them until well after Christmas. And the Phillies’ proverbial hot stove is currently colder than the Yukon.

Consider it a brief suspension until things start happening again. Give me Hamilton or give me death.