8/23/12 Phillies (57-67) vs. Reds (76-49) Game Thread

Check out that badass goatee. Cole needs more goatee. We want more goatee. Give us more goatee!

Mac’s busy up in Brooklyn for the time being, so I’ll take over the game thread and recap duties.

Tonight, we have quite the pitching matchup on our hands. Cole Hamels and Johnny Cueto are two top flight pitchers in their prime. Both Hamels and Cueto have been tearing hitters up in August. Hamels is 3-1 with a 1.38 ERA in August with 2 complete game shutouts. Cueto, meanwhile, has propelled himself to the front of the Cy Young race on a Reds team that appears to be October-bound. He’s tied for the Major League lead with 16 wins while posting a 2.44 ERA.

The Phillies look to bounce back after another tough loss last night and start to get back on track. They’ve been playing much better of late and have begun to instill confidence in a lot of fans going into 2013, provided they make a few changes and add a strong bat or two. Vance Worley pitched well last night, giving up 2 runs in 6 innings. Worley has struggled of late while pitching with bone chips in his elbow. It’s really a waste to keep pitching the guy and destroying his confidence in a lost season when he could be resting and clearing out the chips to get ready for next season. They need to just shut him down.

If you want to look at one of the biggest reasons why this season has been a bust, besides the outrageously inept bullpen, it’s the Phillies’ lack of ability to win at home. I mean come on guys, 27-35!? Citizens Bank Park was a place opposing teams used to HATE to come and play in, because it was a place where the fans were raucous and the Phillies defended their home turf like no other teams would. This year, teams have enjoyed coming into CBP, and it’s not because it’s a beautiful stadium. There’s no electricity, no energy right now because the team has been so atrocious at home, and that needs to change. There’s 19 home games left, and I’d love to see them go 13-6 to at least pull it to 40-41.

I’ll be at the game tonight, so there probably won’t be much activity in the game thread tonight because Mac’s still settling in. That is, unless, the viewers would like to chime in. Please feel free to jump in and comment any time on our posts and game threads. We don’t bite!