8/20/12 Phillies Game Thread

After the insanity that was yesterday’s game (eight shutout innings from Kyle Kendrick, providing 15 scoreless innings in his past two starts and eight runs scored from a team of backups), the Phillies look to put together another successful start from Roy Halladay against noted shoplifter Mike Leake. Halladay is 6-7 on the season (3.80 ERA), but in his last four starts, he’s been posting a 2.25 ERA and a 2-2 record. If not for Greg Dobbs, I’d be ready to say that the Halladay of old is back once more. One more successful start will firmly convince me. Leake is coming off of one of the best starts in his career, shutting out the Mets (LOL) and utterly dominating their hitters in the final six innings. It’s looking to be one hell of a matchup.

The Phillies have won their last six games against Cincinnati. Can they keep it up?



20 thoughts on “8/20/12 Phillies Game Thread

  1. Halladay through six, might be out after this. He pitched mediocre, a lot of bloop hits and missed spots on the hard ones.

    Luckily Mike Leake was worse.

  2. Halladay hasn’t looked too sharp tonight, but it’s good to see the offense pick him up after all of the times he’s been screwed here in his career.

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