8/17/12 Phillies Game Thread

Since everyone’s still focused on whatever the hell Jimmy Rollins just posted on Facebook, the complete bullpen collapse last night in the wake of what looked like a simple victory hurts that much more. It’s almost become expected in this bizarro, snakebitten excuse of a 2012 season that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

But that’s in the past now. It’s done. No point in groveling, because THE VANIMAL goes tonight. Hoisting a 6-7 record on his shoulders, Vance Worley pitched a decent start last time out, but he only went 5.1 innings, notching a no-decision. He’s pitching through bone chips in his elbow, so I’m not expecting longevity on the mound. Five, maybe six good innings seems to be about what you’d expect from an injured Worley.

He’s up against Yovani Gallardo, holding an 11-8 record and who has pitched seven innings or more in his last three straight starts. Against the Phillies, he’s 2-0 with a 1.98 ERA in 13.2 IP. Tough to beat, but if they can hammer some runs in early, a win is more than possible. The main issue in tonight’s matchup is how far Worley can go, and how much of the Phillies bullpen will be allowed to touch the field. Hopefully it’s not much.

Discuss away, compadres…


29 thoughts on “8/17/12 Phillies Game Thread

  1. Bold prediction. Howard really hasn’t been seeing the ball too well lately.

    But I could see him snapping the funk any day now. Why not tonight?

  2. Had internet connections but I’m back now. Have I ever mentioned I hate Gregg Murphy?

  3. No, he’s just got an annoying personality. He adds nothing to the broadcast. All he does is sit out there in the stands and gives Wheeler and TMac even more reason to babble on about irrelevant bullshit on the broadcast, which they already do prevalently.

  4. I love it how Dubee waits until his pitchers give up 3 or 4 runs before he goes out to calm them down.

  5. I hate it when those two ramble about nothing, but I don’t have a functional radio. Hence the muting.

    But consider it this way: At least we don’t have the Marlins TV broadcasters.

  6. or…Braun strikes out on 3 pitches. I loved challenging him there. That inning was not Worley’s fault. It’s an absolute joke that all 4 of these runs are going to be earned.

  7. LOL. The Marlins broadcast is awful. Those two clowns Waltz and Hutton are unlistenable. The entire division has shitty announcers except for the Mets.

  8. I’m all for Swisher. After some quick research, all the major FA outfielders this season are gonna be over 30, so the main issue of contention with me is price.

    In other words, if not Hamilton, go for Swisher.

  9. Well, Amaro is aggressive so he’ll likely go out and send crates of cash to whoever he signs, and I’d much rather him do it for Hamilton than Bourn who isn’t even that good. I think Swisher on 4/52 would be realistic.

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