The joys of That Can Be My Next Tweet

If you’re unfamiliar with the above combination of words, That Can Be My Next Tweet is a website dedicated to taking words and phrases from some of your recent tweets and randomly combining them to form new tweets devoid of all substance or context. Some of the combinations, being that they are randomly generated, are funnier than others, but we can all agree that in terms of recombining robotweet apps, this one is easily in the top four or five. Let’s check out a sampling of the tweets it generated for me…

So it starts off bizarre, that’s a good sign. Let’s see a few more.

The robotweet app REALLY seems fond of drugs and vice presidential pick Paul Ryan. But don’t worry, TCBMNT suddenly taps into a goldmine of Philly sports tweets without warning.

As you can see, it’s utter nonsense that may occasionally form one coherent sentence with ten tries. It also seems to be strangely obsessed with Chase Utley for some reason…

It took 30 minutes with a random tweet generator to finally put my mancrush on Chase Utley in perspective. Thank you, That Can Be My Next Tweet!

(Seriously though, everyone should try this thing at least a few times.)