CLIFF LEE: 8/16/12 Phillies (54-63) @ Brewers (52-64) Game Thread

Since Mac is getting ready to head off to Brooklyn, I’ll be dishing out the game thread tonight.

Anyway, tonight is the first game of a 4 game set for the Phils in Milwaukee. They’re coming off a series win in Miami, but it certainly didn’t feel like it after yesterday’s debacle. Roy Halladay was good, but not quite the Halladay we’ve become accustomed to. His undoing was a long home run but none other than ex-Phillie turned Phillie killer (Christ, like we’ve never seen THAT before) Greg Dobbs. It was kept close until the dynamic duo of BJ Rosenberg and Michael Schiwmer did their best to ruin the day. This bullpen needs a major overhaul in 2013. These “youthful arms” they bring up from the minors could be exciting, except there’s one problem: they’re all awful. Schwimer, Rosenberg, Herndon, Stutes, etc…they all blow. The only two guys I see true potential in are Diekman and De Fratus. Both have great stuff and can be valuable assets once they learn to control pitches with more consistency. But Amaro still needs to go out and spend money on a good bullpen arm in the offseason, because counting on Qualls and young organzational arms has completely backfired this season.

*gets off soapbox*

On the mound tonight is Cliff Lee. Lee will be going for his third (?!) win of the season at Miller Park. Lee was unlike Cliff Lee again last start, which is unfortunately becoming too common of an occurrence this season. He was going pretty well until Matt Holliday happened. Lee looks to get back on track tonight against something called a Marco Estrada. Seriously guys, can we please not get shut down by this scrub? Thanks in advance.

I’ll be at the game tonight sitting on the first base side. Go Phils!


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