That Escalated Quickly. – Marlins 9, Phillies 2

He’s hitting .351 against the Phillies and .583 against Halladay. No, seriously.

Today’s game was rolling along just fine for a little while. Sure, Roy Halladay had given up two runs in the fourth, but there was still a lot of baseball left to be played. And when Ty Wigginton scored runs in two separate innings to tie the game at 2-2 in the sixth, things were looking pretty good for the Phillies.

Enter Greg Dobbs.

With two outs in the bottom of the sixth, the former Phillie mashed a home run to right field (his second run scored of the game) to put the Marlins up 3-2, and despite committing three errors in as many games, Dobbs continues to crush his former team. He joins the likes of ex-Phillies alums like Rod Barajas and Michael Bourn in that regard.

After the Marlins went up in the sixth, they would not look back. Halladay was lifted after the seventh for B.J. Rosenberg. Bear in mind that at this time, the score was still 3-2. Rosenberg would give way to Raul Valdes, and eventually Michael Schwimer, as the Marlins took advantage of both awful pitching and swiss cheese defense to tack on six runs in one inning, putting it firmly out of reach. Roy Halladay’s record drops to 6-7 following a game that, if not for the existence of Greg Dobbs, would have been kept much closer.

Yeah, I know, predetermined outcome fallacy and all that jazz. I don’t care. I’m angry.

But in spite of that, the Phillies still won the series against a division rival. The Marlins are still in last place. And mathematical elimination has not happened yet. That’s gotta count for something, right?


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