REPORT: Wayne Simmonds agrees to six year extension with Flyers


Flyers’ bad boy Wayne Simmonds, who now has enough money to buy a lifetime supply of bananas to take revenge on those damn Canadians.

Hell yes!

According to Bob McKenzie, the Flyers and Simmer have agreed on a 6 year extension that will likely be around 4 million per year. It’s good to see them reward Simmonds after a nice 1st season in Philly. He’s well-liked by his teammates and popular with the fans. Everybody’s happy.


4 thoughts on “REPORT: Wayne Simmonds agrees to six year extension with Flyers

  1. I’m very happy. That’s an extension that, while it wasn’t truly essential, was still very nice to see done. He’s 23, six years isn’t all that long considering the longevity of hockey players compared to other sports.

  2. The biggest improvement I saw this year in Simmonds is scoring. He set a career high in goals and has really developed a shot here in Philly. If he can keep scoring 25-30 goals a year he’s going to be a great asset with the toughness and energy he brings to the table. He’s not going to dazzle you with moves, but he’s got scoring ability.

  3. I’m so glad they re-signed Wayne! He’s one of my favorite players. I promise you guys he’ll score at least 30 goals this season.

  4. Well, thank you for being the first outsider to comment on the blog. Yeah, hopefully Simmer can do even better than that!

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