8/14/12 Phillies Game Thread

Kendrick goes against Josh Johnson, the Marlins’ ace. Hamels doesn’t. Mac is sad.


(The shortened summary is due to the fact that I’ve had a ton of shopping to do today before I officially move to NYC on Sunday. So I won’t be in the game thread much either, there’s simply too much to do. Feel free to post though.)


6 thoughts on “8/14/12 Phillies Game Thread

  1. Finally finished. So I get back to find that the score is 1-0 in the top of the eighth, and Kendrick is pitching a shutout.

    What the hell.

  2. T-Mac just more or less quoted that Tim McCarver bit from Family Guy verbatim.

    “As good as Heath Bell has been against the Phillies, that’s as bad as he’s been overall.”

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