8/12/12 Phillies Game Thread

After the loss at the hands of Matt Holliday last night, the Phillies hope to snatch a series victory from the jaws of defeat as Vance Worley takes the mound. Worley, whose last start was cut early due to a case of leftover Thai food “stomach illness”, looks to even his record to 7-7 against the awesomely-named Lance Lynn, who is 13-5 on the year. A series win at home against a tough team like the Cardinals could be a good morale boost to a team that has been beaten down as the 2012 season has dragged on.



23 thoughts on “8/12/12 Phillies Game Thread

  1. I take a nap for one hour and find the score at 7-4 Cardinals. Then ERIK KRATZ comes in and smashes a three-run homer to tie it back up again!

  2. Also, I just realized Kratz played his high school baseball about 15 minutes from here at Christopher Dock.

  3. Look at this! Three men in one game thread, it’s a new record!

    Yeah, Telford isn’t that far from here actually. Pretty awesome to see a local kid 32-year-old get a shot at it.

  4. I think he also had a stint in the Majors with the Pirates, so he’s been a PA guy for his whole career. I just made it to the hotel.

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