8/11/12 Phillies Game Thread

After taking game 1 through the efforts of a brilliant Roy Halladay performance, the Phillies look to go for the series victory over the Cardinals tonight. Cliff Lee, who totally wasn’t traded at the deadline a few weeks back, faces off against Jake Westbrook, where he hopes to cut his win/loss total to 3-6 on the year. A dominant outing from Lee tonight coupled with last night’s start could be a good sign for a rotation plagued by injuries and bad luck this year.



16 thoughts on “8/11/12 Phillies Game Thread

  1. Cliff Lee gets into a jam and quickly works out of it in typical Lee fashion, with two strikeouts. 0-0.

    Expect the posts to be somewhat sporadic after this point because I’m probably gonna take a nap.

  2. I really have gotten impressed with Domonic Brown’s ability to hold off and take walks when needed. His place is definitely good at the top of the lineup.

    EDIT: And his baserunning skills. Those are pretty sweet too.

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