New Beginning

I’m leaving for New York in a little over a week, and already I’m feeling as though I’m leaving something big behind. Ironic considering that NYC is possibly the biggest place, but there it is.

What I’m leaving behind is the great city of Philadelphia. A city that, despite my proximity to it, I never really got the chance to delve into. And as I leave what I knew of the city behind, I’m leaving something almost as important to me as Philadelphia itself: Its sports teams. Nothing in this country can match the mad fervor of a Philadelphia sports fan. Politicians, rock stars, celebrities, all pale in comparison to the allegiance the city’s athletes inspire in its people, and the feeling of a shared identity with some 45,000 strangers sharing just one thing in common. Maybe I’ll miss that most of all.

In a way, I’ve created this blog to keep in touch with my roots. Even though I’ll be living in Flatbush for the foreseeable future, I can never forget who I am and where I came from. This blog will fundamentally be about sports, but it will also be about life. Music. Television. Politics. Adapting to a new life in a strange city. A way for a sheltered 18-year-old kid to feel a bit less scared of the world around him.

Welcome to Main Line Marauders, everyone. Enjoy your stay…